Buggles, the - the age of plastic

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As a parent I feel I am kept up to date on the daily activities as when I collect Javier there is a communication book with photos and details of all the fun the kids had throughout the day.  I am extremely happy with the way Javier has learnt so much since entering the kindy room and I am very confident he will enter school at a great rate along with other 4 and 5 years olds.”

" Hans has got a band together," says Nile Marr, son of Johnny and one of Zimmer's guitarists. "It's hard to see when you're immediately faced with so much gear, so many people. But when you really strip it away, it's a band at its core. … It's basically like, if someone took a band and were like, 'We want to do every one of your wildest ideas. Let's make it happen.'"

The song includes instrumentation of drums , bass guitar , electric guitar , synth strings , piano , glockenspiel , marimbas and other futuristic, twinkly sounds, and vocals . [4] [11] [18] Downes used a Solina , Minimoog and Prophet-5 to create the overdubbed orchestral parts. [4] Both the male and female voices differ to give a tonal and historical contrast. [19] When Langan was interviewed in December 2011, he believed the male vocal was recorded through either a dynamic Shure SM57 , SM58 , Sennheiser 421, or STC 4038 ribbon microphone, and that four of five takes had to be done. [6] The male voice echos the song's theme in the tone of the music, initially limited in bandwidth to give a "telephone" effect typical of early broadcasts, and uses a mid-Atlantic accent resembling that of British singers in the 1950s and '60s. [19] The Vox AC30 amplifier was used to achieve the telephone effect, and Gary Langan says he was trying to make it "loud without cutting your head off", in others words make the voice sound soft. Gary Langan and Trevor Horn also tried using a bullhorn , but they found it too harsh. Langan later compressed and EQ'd the male vocals, and he said that doing the compression for old-style vocal parts was a "real skill." [6] The female vocals are panned in the left and right audio channels, [6] and sound more modern and have a New York accent . [19]

"They weren't idiots," Tannenbaum says. "Once they saw the ratings go up, they realized that they could program black musicians."

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Buggles, The - The Age Of PlasticBuggles, The - The Age Of PlasticBuggles, The - The Age Of PlasticBuggles, The - The Age Of Plastic