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“BATMEN ETERNAL” part two! Batwoman has reunited with her father, and leadership of the Colony is in her hands...but should she take it?

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The history of Batman and Robin's partnership is unknown, but it is assumed that it begun after Dick Grayson got adopted by Bruce Wayne. 

The Joker's antics soon attracted attention from Batman and Robin, attention that the Harlequin of Hate encouraged, to the point where he openly attended an anti-crime lecture being given by Batman at Woodrow Roosevelt. Soon enough, the arch-criminal's promises of easy living snared one of Woodrow Roosevelt's most prominent students: Susie, the school's cheerleader captain. With Susie's help, the Joker was able to succeed in carrying out the next stage of his plan, stealing the answer key to the Nationwide Pre-College Exam. As a pleasant bonus, Susie even earned the confidence of Batman and Robin, whom she quickly lured into the Joker's latest deathtrap.

Batman and Robin refers to the partnership between Batman and Robin , two superhero characters originally appearing in DC Comics.

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Dynamic Duo, The - Batman ThemeDynamic Duo, The - Batman ThemeDynamic Duo, The - Batman ThemeDynamic Duo, The - Batman Theme