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I own a Staffing Company that is located in the heart of the Automotive Industry. The Automotive Industry is still in recovery mode from the Economic down turn of the last few years. I made the decision that if I was to capitalize on this opportunity I would need to increase my staff size, upgrade our in-house technology systems, and move into a larger facility. The problem is that most Financial Institutions are still not lending. They generally require 1:1 or better collateral. This was not an option for my Business. I needed to think outside the box. I came in contact with Barrington Capital. Jude and his staff took the time to understand my situation. They then came up with a flexible option for me to borrow $50,000 so that I could grow my Business. Since then I have expanded my Business as planned and we are experiencing the growth that we had hoped for. I would not been able to do this without the help of Barrington Capital. I will highly recommend Jude Overo and Barrington Capital to anyone who is has a growth opportunity in front of them but does not know how to fund it.

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